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Tips for Your Move

Before the Move

  1. Ensure moving quotes include packing, transportation and insurance.
  2. Sign the “acceptance of conditions of carry” with the mover.
  3. Sign an insurance application form
  4. Make sure that you have received a final printed insurance policy from the mover’s insurance provider.
  5. Create a folder with all documentation pertaining to the move.
  6. Use up as many consumables as possible before you move.
  7. Clear out as much junk as possible.
  8. Pack valuables early and place them to one side so that they can go with you in the car.
  9. Pack wisely – heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
  10. Ask the kids to write their names and new address on their boxes so they can learn their new address.
  11. Measure doorways of the new house to determine if furniture will fit, or whether it will need to be dismantled.
  12. Measure doorways of the new house to determine if furniture will fit, or whether it will need to be dismantled.
  13. Contact your moving company to confirm the move details.
  14. Get to bed early

Moving day

  1. Keep aside a well-stocked and accessible toolbox.
  2. Confine pets away from the action.
  3. Set out refreshments for movers and helpers.
  4. Be considerate to (old and new) neighbours and try cause as little disruption as possible.
  5. Check the inventory sheet with your mover when the truck is loaded.
  6. Do a final check of the house.
  7. Discuss the route and any obstacles – such as low-lying bridges – with the driver.
  8. Exchange phone numbers with the foreman in case you get separated from the truck.
  9. Supervise the offloading process so that the correct boxes and furniture go to the correct rooms.
  10. Clean the old house before handing it over

After the move

  1. Pre-pack an overnight bag, sheets, towels, toiletries, snacks, paper plates and utensils, and cleaning supplies to ease your first night in the new house.
  2. Let your electronics “acclimatise” to the new room temperature before plugging them in.
  3. Meet your neighbours.
  4. Enjoy setting up your new home and exploring your new neighbourhood!

We help people and driver find each other

We help people and driver find each other