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Our marketplace is carefully designed to help you connect with customers, who are actively looking for your services.

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  • Company profile
  • Reviews
  • Set your area(s), unlimited choice
  • Specify suitable job types
  • Set according to your capacity
  • Competition visible on quote requests
  • Detailed job description
  • FormCheck®. Fair reclaim service
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Your dedicated Account Manager
  • Company logo on our homepage

Questions & Answers

How to choose the best removal company in south Africa and offer the best furniture removal Service?

1. Website Comparison with Reviews

The best way to select a good removal company is to check the trusted reviews on the website. Before hiring the best removal company, you should research and read the reviews or testimonials. Reviews provide a transparent way of finding out the high quality of services and customer care of the removal companies. Like any feedback session, there are also a lot of bad reviews out there that will give you a heads up before hiring the next company for your relocation needs. Check out the positive reviews about the services and find out the easy way to communicate with the professional moving services. Compare the companies and their reasonable prices to find better removals for your home. If satisfied with the basic reviews gathered the next item to look out for will be the pricing in relation to the reviews gone through. The best company obviously will have some known and established way of getting feedback from their previously served clients. A good company will have nothing to hide attitude when it comes to the reviews, pricing, and the rest of the sales process. Spend more time in the preparation phase of your next furniture removal.

2. Search for Local Removals

If you search for local removals, it will help you to walk into moving companies' offices and interact with their staff and view their facilities. It ensures you to build trust and identifies the best removals company for your moving house. It is the simplest way to understand the work and reputation of the company. You can verify the company addresses & phone numbers easily to identify the working of the removal company. You can meet their staff and communicate for house removals.

2. Search for Moving Company Competition

When you research for removals team, get as many quotes from removal companies as possible that will visit your home rather than estimating the cost over the phone. This will give you an idea of how much you should pay to the removals company. It also gives confidence that the pricing you have been quoted is market-related.  If you are relocating to a different part of the country, it should be important to get an estimate from the firm. Ask for the estimate so that you can check how much you are paying for insurance, packing, mileage, and storage cost. These additional items on the quotes should be billed separately so that you can choose correctly on the best removal company.

4. Check the Removal Insurance

During the sales process, you must check to ensure that the company should be responsible for the safe transportation of all your belongings and furniture. Make sure that they have a comprehensive insurance policy which assist you to recover all the damaged things. Alternatively, be clear with the moving company that you have the right cover. The insurance policy gives you complete peace of mind that your properties and belonging is secure and safe. You can also choose to do packing the belongings yourself which will save you money but always remember that the removal companies’ insurance policy will not cover the items that you will pack by yourself in most cases.


5. Research for Accreditations

Lastly, it always helps to go for companies that are registered with a mother body or are a member of an association in the sector. Often times fly-by-nights do not go through the trouble of being associated with somebody or membership. Get Top Rated means being part of a team that is known.

Moving to Joburg?

Moving to Johannesburg?

Business Life in Johannesburg

One of the top financial hubs of Africa, Johannesburg is home to the headquarters of a large number of local and international businesses and corporations. People from all over move to the city for professional opportunities, and many people find them. Moving to Joburg will be a plus for your business

Long drive home

Getting around in Johannesburg requires a car. The traffic in the city can feel endless and during peak periods, motorists can expect as much as 45 minutes to be added to their commute.

Cost of living in Johannesburg

 The cost of living is relatively low. Johannesburg may be more expensive than Cape Town and Durban in terms of consumer goods; however, its residents have greater purchasing power and, compared to Cape Town, its rent prices are reasonable.


Moving to Capetown?

Moving to Cape Town?

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But many who’ve come here on a fleeting holiday have decided to set down some roots and live here for a few months or years, or even for the rest of their lives. There’s a reason why Cape Town has become a globally sought-after destination for both holiday-goers and expats, and it’s not just about natural beauty.

There’s a vibrant spirit in the city and its surroundings that has a magnetic pull, making it difficult for even the most superficial traveler to permanently leave Cape Town behind. Even a short period of living in Cape Town will have a profound impact, and here’s why.

Cape Town gets the work/life balance just right. Long day at work? Why not head to the beach to unwind before a relaxing sunset? A busy morning of classes ahead? Grab a perfectly pretentious flat white to kick-start your day. There are restaurants, wine farms, coffee shops, and all the activities you need to give you one of the most balanced lifestyles imaginable. Though it sounds like a line out of a cliched marketing brochure, Cape Town is remarkably liveable, and it’s also still somewhat affordable. There are a lot of Moving Companies that would relocate you to the motherland safely.  If you’re coming with even a small stockpile of foreign currency, it’s likely to be cheaper than any other international destination that can live up to Cape Town’s high standards.

You’re never far from incredible nature

Cape Town is the ultimate city for nature lovers. If you’re looking for a quick escape from the city, you can be on a beach, at the foot of a mountain, or lost in a forest in a matter of minutes. On a windless summer’s day, you’ll find trails and beaches populated with beaming local fitness freaks clad in the latest activewear, and it’s hard not to absorb some of the outdoor enthusiasm and positivity.