What we do

For Consumers

Move24 is a tech company operating as a connecting a Consumer to the Service Provider. We do so by compiling allowing our consumers to submit their information and in return suppling the consumer with up to 4 reputable companies on our database to provide a quotation.
All of the affiliated companies are trusted moving companies. When you send a request for a quotation to Move, then up to 4 companies will give you a quote giving you the consumer a chance to select the most suitable service provider in cost as per our service offering needs.
The no-obligation information you receive from these specialists will be an excellent starting point for you to find the best deal.
By requesting quotations from 4 professional specialists, you can compare different companies with each other. So without much extra work, you can save money on moving companies thereby reducing the stress involved with moving.

For Companies

Move24 came about in cooperation with moving companies. If you are a moving company, you can try our service for free and see for yourself how easy getting new business can be. All the information about how Move24 can be of help to your company and be can be found on our extensive on our database.
The Service Pays Move24 a flat rate pay lead on a monthly basis.

Contact Address

Cottonwood Road
Port Elizabeth
South Africa